Airchunk has become was Designed by pilots and flying clubs for Aircraft, Gliders, Hot Air Balloons and any other flying machines. It was a free diary for use by Owners, Syndicate Owners and Shares, Airplane Groups, Flying Schools, Clubs. Our aim is to help reduce the cost of General Aviation and make airplane scheduling and sharing more accessible. No matter what you do in Aviation: Powered Flight, Gliding, Microlight or Ballooning, let our online calendar system help you manage your aircraft.

However, as Airchunk has grown so has it's requirements for improved functionality, speed, security and resilience. Also we have had some complaints from users around the world about the name. It seems that the brand has very different meanings to our intended meaning.

For that reason, in January 2017, Airchunk was rebranded and massively upgraded. In January 2017 we became

This rebranding also makes Shlott usable by many other types of groups, clubs, schools and syndicates in addition to aviation. Now groups such as sailing, racing, climbing and more can all use the great features of Airchunk under the Shlott brand. is made by the same developers as Airchunk. It contains all the same great features and now many, MANY more.

As you are probably aware we have been emailing group administrators and displaying notifications that Airchunk would be shut down on the 1st January 2018. Therefore, this site is no longer accessible and you must now log in to